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Homemade Side Gig

Apr 8, 2020

Jessica's love for design came from creating scrapbooks and her business started accidentally while she was designing t-shirts for her college friends.

She realized that she was making more money at her side gig than she was at her day job. Within two weeks of quitting her day job, she had a waitlist of customers and she’s had a waitlist for the past 5 years.

She talks about how her marketing is much easier because she has a small niche in the health and wellness industry. She shares how it is easier to create content for a small niche because you talk directly to those people, rather than trying to please a wide group of people. But she also has many clients in other service industries.

How she did it:

Content marketing

Putting her work out there

Looking at the numbers

Jessica also shares her tips for having a website and an online presence to help legitimize your business.

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Book: Super Fans by Pat Flynn

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